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The big ones have reached a decision! Now, that the fashion houses are done with their presentations on the runway, it’s time to find out which are the trends of spring and summer considering the sunglasses!

 1.Round sunglasses:

   They were absolutely dominating the runways of spring and summer 2013. With either oversized, middle or even small spectacle frame, be sure that the gods of fashion will admire you!

2.Funky prints:
   The well-known Italian fashion brand, Prada, suggests eccentric designs for your sunnies! Every girl deserves some funky accessories. What are you waiting for?

3.Flora details:

   They are the type of vintage sunnies with floral details that will look like jewelries on you. They are here to upgrade your look for sure!

4.Bold sunglasses:
   Bold designs, vibrant colors with polka dots and symmetrical or non-stripes are some of the ideas that Dolce & Gabbana presented on the runaway.

5.Colorful shades:
   Transparent lens that seem to change colors depending the light and get the iris blue nuance colors are the hot trend of the season.

6.Mirrored sunnies:
   You might invest on buying the trendiest sunnies with lens that reflect the image of everyone that stands in front of you.

7.Oversized geometric shapes:
    The fashion house Fendi launches sunglasses with spectacle frames that are inspired by the geometry. Vibrant colors but strict lines also, will make you a fashion icon.

8.Metalic details:
   Sunnies with metallic spectacle frames and special details are appropriate for any kind of outfit from formal to casual.

9.Colorful sunnies:
   The vibrant nuances cover all the sunglasse and give the lens an ombre shade. You are eccentric, you have them!

10.Cat eye sunglasses:
     I could say so many things about those sunnies. They are my favorite, and I just love them. The retro look is back and is “hunting” your accessories, giving you a cattish look from the 70s. You can either chose the classic ones, the total black, or you can go for polka dots, and animal prints to set the fashion trend!

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