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Hey my missunderstood friends!! It's been really a long time, by I'm back for a quick tip that I'm sure you will love! It has actually helped me a lot, and I find this tip simply phenomenal. I was watching a TV show that's related to fashion issues, and the host talked about it, so I thought that it would have been a great idea to share it with you!

So, I will tell you a quick story about my closet just to get you into the right mood. I go for shopping and it's like almost every clothe that I like, speaks to me, and tells me to take it home! I know it sounds so very crazy and weird, but it's true! And, so I end up having a full closet that's ready to explode from the big amount of stuff that's in there. If this story reminds you yourselves, and you keep buying stuff you don't need or you don't use that much,then you're probably missing something or your doing something wrong!

How to shop right?
Here's the deal. If you keep in mind just one word, things may get a bit easier the next time you will go shopping. And the word is.... B.A.S.E.!!!! Oh yeah,this is the keyword for the good buying behavior. It's clearly and acronym, and here is how it works!

B: Body appropriate. The first thing you've got to notice in a dress, a skirt, a jean, a T-shirt etc. it's its fitting on you. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, or it's just not you, then maybe it's not the right one. So, always go with the one that's made just for you and no one else.

A: Age appropriate. Here we've got a complicated issue, because women tend to go a lit bit extreme. If a cloth is perfect on you, but hides your age, then I'm sorry to tell you that, but you have to go for another. Most of the women tend to get dressed up younger than they should. I actually find that many women go the opposite and dress older because they’re so worried about the “too young” factor. Show your age girls, and nothing will be wrong, I promise!

S: Situation appropriate. Another hard situation. Your piece completes the two steps mentioned before, but when you think again you have little chances to wear it. Here it depends on you. If you can afford it and you don't care about the cost go for it, otherwise, it's a bit risky because probably it's gonna stay in your wardrobe forever!

E: Expense appropriate. Finally, ask yourself some questions. Is it value for money? Can I afford it? Do I have another item in my closet that can replace the item that I wanna buy?

I've tried this tip and I must admit that it has helped me. So, if you wanna get rid of the unnecessary expenses, give it a chance and try it!

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