Do you have that big amount of bracelets and you really don’t know where to store them? Do you want to have a quick access to them? Do you want a cute bracelet holder to decorate your room but you don’t want to spend any money at all? Well, then this DIY is what you ‘re looking for. With just some materials that every home has, you can create this bracelet and earring holder.

Here is what you will need:

Start by cutting the thick paper in a round shape.

Then take the watercolors and paint the paper tubes as well as the round paper you’ve just cut.
After that, take the round paper, make some dots with the pencil and start cutting with an office punch.

Put some glue, on the small tube, and across the big one as shown on the picture and get them together with the round paper in between.

Rumple the papers (you can either use one, cut in 2 pieces) and put them in the holes of the large tube.

To avoid the ugly glue between the tubes, take some thread and coil it as the picture shows.

Decorate with some stickers.

Your bracelets & earrings holder is ready. Put the bracelets to the tube and the earrings to the holes!

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