Feelings & Attitude*

Hey loves! Honestly speaking I've been into RnB music a lot lately and everything with that vibe is more than welcomed in my life. Most of you may have heard about the expression " Kanye attitude with Drake feelings" and when I saw it printed on a t shirt I went completely nuts. I just had to have it, simple as that. Because I wanted all the attention to the t shirt, I decided to wear black denim shorts and a simple pair of sneakers. As for the hair, my current color is brown with green but I was feeling more red and long, so I mad a bun with hair extensions.

Purple Maxi Dress*

Hey sweethearts! Purple June this month and what is more accurate than a purplemaxi dress? If you’re not into purple, no worries, cause a long sleeve navy blue dress would be perfect for you.

I got a message from a teenage viewer (hi there :*), where she asked me which color would I consider perfect for summer? Given the fact that she was interested in night outfit colors, I will say white, light blue and purple. That is what triggered me to start finding some dresses you might like.

Casual Look

Hi loves! Since summer hasn't officially arrived and cloudy days may come and go, I have for today a casual look appropriate just for those days when you don't know if you should wear less or more.

Summer Wishlist*

Hey loves! Since today was a bit cloudy and rainy, I stayed indoors and in a cozy summer mood I found some interesting things online from Banggood.com. It is not the first time I speak about this company, since I find they have some cute things for every taste.

1. Spaghetti Strap Dress
2. Vintage Glasses
3. Floral Long Sleeve Blouse
4. Chain Bracelet
5. Women Quartz Watch
6. Embroidery Blouse
7. Denim Jeans
8. Thin Heel Pumps Shoes

I'd love to hear your thought on this wishlist!


Workout Summer Outfit

Hello dears! I was on my way back from the gym and I wanted to show you my workout outfit. The biggest trend on sports look are these see-through leggins which compliment every body shape, and the white tee is basically my life in a sentence. Of course I couldn't let the led sneakers without trying, it's like having a disco ball on your feet!