Night-out dresses*

Hello dears. Today we will focus more on the going-out fashion. I have two great ideas from FashionMia, an online fashion-clothing store I have recently discovered. And because I know that my followers have different styles and preferences, here I have the top dresses most of you will relate to.


If you have a party or any other event to attend, I would recommend taking a look on the evening dresses. Sexy Cocktail Dresses, maxi dresses, and so many more options. A variety on designs and patterns, where you can chose the one that suits you best, weather you want something classy or shine like a disco ball.

For my pinup and vintage girls, I found the dresses that will work as a time machine for you. The White Skater Dresses, are perfect for you if you prefer this kind of style. I chose white for it’s the safest option no matter your colors, but you can experiment with different combinations by taking a look to the webpage.

I would say that as a store it is worth a look, cause you may find some interesting clothes to add to your wardrobe. Take a look and I am here for any question!

How did you find the dresses? Any favorite one?


Wishlist | Button up shirt dress and more*

Hey babes! Today I have a wishlist from my favorite, the one and only Zaful. The button up shirt dress and the casual mini dress are my highlights for this wishlist.

1. Button up shirt dress: I fell in love with that particular shirt dress. It looks so comfy because of the soft and light fabric it is made from. At the same time it gives a classy and chick air because of the design and the little bow detail on the waistline. Depending on how will you match it, it can be office, night or casual appropriate. On the website you can find also other designs, colors and fabrics.


2. Casual mini dress: Worn from Kylie Jenner to the girl next door, we can inevitably say that 2K17 is the year of the mini dress with the casual vibe. Spring appropriate; I would pear it with some high-knee boots and lots of rings. If you are more grunge, you can pick a mini dress with velvet touch and throw underneath a t-shirt for a fashion statement. Browse on the webpage and you will find your favorite one.

3. Cat-eye sunglasses: April is the month of Coachella, and festivals in general. So, if you plan on attending any open event, where the sun will be up, what you need the most is a pair of good sunglasses. With their unique design, you will steal a lot of looks from the people over there.


4. Hollow pumps: Of course no wishlist would have been fulfilled without a pair of shoes. I selected this pair of pumps on purpose since summer is coming. Perfect especially for your night outs. I adore the geometrical design on the sides and the holographic details. Truly unique.
5. Bikini swimwear: Just in case you maybe go on any exotic island or it’s so hot in the place you live, then you surely need a stunning swimwear. This year, Zaful is focusing a lot on swimsuits, so go and check their page for more inspiration. I would personally go with this burgundy bikini.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my wishlist. Any faves?



Hello sweethearts! For a lot of you prom is around the corner and I know which is your biggest concern. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your crushes but I am here to give you some ideas and make you decide on your prom dress. The dresses I will show you are from a new to me company called Babyonlinedress, that from the first moment I saw them, I totally fell in love.

You can find lots of Prom Dresses Online, to fit your expectations. Their webpage is very organized and thanks to that you can go to different categories or make your own search. When you find a dress you will like, just select it. When you click on it, you have a page with all the details you need to know for that particular dress as well as the size chart.
If you like the dress but you’re not sure about the color don’t worry, cause probably they can provide you with the color you want. Just check the available options on the color chart. The only thing I advice you is to take your time, cause you have a lot of designs and options to consider when picking your prom dress.

Another category, which I liked, was the Homecoming Dresses. Variety and also original designs. In there you can find all those dresses we see on social media and we envy. Good prices for the quality they offer and totally instagramworthy. From simple line dresses to sparkly details. I don’t know about you, but when I see such dresses I want to try them immediately and go and take hundreds of photos, and feel beautiful.

They also have some good sales, so don’t miss them out.

Have you bought a dress from this shop? Which design you liked most?



Hey babies! I was having some days off, and I found the perfect opportunity for my lazy days hobby. What’s better than online shopping and a cup of hot chocolate during rainy days? Since spring is coming, I found some interesting pieces in StyleWe.

The first thing I want to share with you are clothing pieces with jumpsuit pattern. What I mostly like about them is the comfort they provide with a sense of fashion of course. In this website there are plenty of options on jumpsuits. From denim casual ones to serious and office appropriate ones. I couldn’t forget the variety in colors, patterns and materials cause I think that every girl can find herself in at least one of them.

By clicking into the link you can discover more clothes, accessories and anything you may look for. What got my attention was the blog they have. Not a lot of shopping websites provide a blog platform for their fans. And I find this extremely useful, simply because you can share ideas, tips and anything related with people interested in. As an example I want to show you this amazing article called Remove gel nail polish at home.

In this blog they also host different giveaways. Make sure to apply for the Giveaway $150 shopping coupon cause you never know, you may be the lucky one to have 150 reasons to shopping heaven. The rules are pretty easy and it takes you less than a minute to complete your application.

For more shopping options feel free to check “just fashionnow” also. Same quality, but more things to chose from.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this website. Have you tried to shop from them?



Hello sweeties! Today I have for you a different kind of post, not directly related to fashion, but to beauty, and specially the beauty of all women. Just take a moment and think, what is that ingredient that makes us naturally beautiful? It’s health. Think of it as a flower. In order for it to grow, it needs water to flow inside of every part of the flower. As soon as the flower is healthy on the inside, the beauty will bloom and its colors will be bright and shinny.

I am very happy to have been contacted by Check Pregnancy, a website not only focused on pregnancy as its name spoils, but also on parental issues and women’s health topics. So, no matter your status, if you are a woman you should check them out.

What I really like about this website is the section “Lady Questions”. In there, every girl can ask any question related to lady issues, she is afraid or ashamed to ask anyone else in real life. From getting to know her body to serious gynecological questions, every woman can interact and exchange opinions with other women who can relate.

Some of their top articles include pregnancy care, hygiene issues and also fertility information. I would like to point out here the top baby humidifier reviews , which I find an amazing job. A very detailed article you should definitely check if you want to know more about baby humidifiers.

So, as you may have noticed every woman can find herself in this website. Even more helpful would be for all those mothers and up-coming mothers, who feel totally clueless about what happens to them and to their little babies during and after a pregnancy. No matter who, give it a go and take a look, cause you never know what you may find in there.

Have you ever checked this or any other similar websites? How useful do you think it is to consult such websites for such issues?