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Hey there! Well, I was watching videos on YouTube, and reading blog articles, and what I noticed is that a lot of girls do the “What’s in my bag” video. But what surprised me the most was the fact that people actually like them. So, I decided to show you guys what I carry with me in my own bag!

My bag as you see it's a black leather one,that I got last year from New Yorker!

1. Wallet. You never wanna leave house without cash. Plus, in my wallet I have my cards!
2. Keys. Just the home keys.
3. USB. You never know when you might need one of those. So in case you do, you have it!
4. Notebook. The cutest pucca notebook ever. It comes very handy cause it keeps every note you make, especially if you are in school/college or if you just get inspired at anytime.
5. Pen. A notebook is nothing without a pen to write on it!
6. MP3 player. Everywhere I go, music has to be with me.
7. Note stickers. I'm not really sure why I have them, but in case someone wants to contact you, you can give them your data.
8. Sunnies. I literally never leave home without my sunnies.
9. Gum/Mints. The best if you don't have a place to brush your teeth.
10. Tissues. The world outside is very filthy.
11. Wet (hand) wipes. The same as the above.
12. Make up bag. I know it's small but it carries a lot of stuff!
13. Lip balm. No matter the season, we always have to care of our lips.
14. Mirror. Let's say you wanna fix your eyeliner, now you can!
15. Bobby pins. They just can save you!
16. Body spray. It's appropriate for those who leave home for long time, or want to smell good at anytime!
17. Eye-liner pencil. I just love that buddy!
18. Make up. What I like about this product is that it comes in a travel size. So convenient!
19. Hair laces. The best for a bad hair day.
20. Phone. No need to introduce the potentials of the phone!
21. Phone charger. It happens a lot to have a dead phone. From now, no more!

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  1. Love your blog! :)

  2. Oh, how I love these kind of posts! :)
    I totall agree with you when it comes to a phone charger, eye liner and of course: the phone! :)

    XX, Sara


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