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Missunderstooders get ready cause this is the third and final part of the 3 days outfit challenge! Now at this point I would like to do a revision of the two previous outfits.  So, the first look was a bit stricter but with some nice details to make it softer whereas the second outfit was a romantic one with some feminine touches. And here we are with the third one!

More of an abstract, this outfit can be easily wearied at an all day festival. Lovely and comfy this look can rock the stage. Light, candy, blue, baggy shorts mixed with a grey T-shirt consist the basic look. To accessorize it I added a black leather bag, black sneakers, a hair bandanna and of course lots of bracelets! 

Ladies and gentleman, for you, outfit #3!

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  1. Your hair is amazing :) Nice outfit :)


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