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Some celebrities prefer flowers on their hair, whereas some others choose hair scarfs. With hundreds of ways to wear them, hair scarfs give everywoman the chance to make a fashion statement and also save her hair form a “bad hair day”. And the result is almost every time fantastic and very feminine!

Head scarf, after many years did a spectacular reappearance on the runaways of Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Salvatore Ferragamo, forming a basic accessorize and giving that retro twist style that blinds the cameras. Of course, it can give an other dimension and renew a monochromatic style.

Even though, the basic inspiration were the “pin up” girls of 1960 and the divas of cinema, hair scarfs are the hottest trend of summer season.

Do it like the big ones!

  • The models of D&G cover the front up part of head and tie the hair scarf behind the neck, leaving the edges to one side.
  • Armani prefers the “desert-style”. The head is covered and the hair scarf ties around the neck.
  • For Missoni the head is covered and the hair scarf forms a knot under the neck.
  • Knots on the head prefers DKNY.

There are definitely a lot of different ways to wear the hair scarf either like a chic woman as Audrey Hepburn, or in a “boho-gypsy” way like Nicole Richie. We also have Eva Mendes following more every-day styles and Rihanna playing with large bows!

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