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    The trend that seems to be dominating the fall season is definitely the animal prints. The “zebra” or the ”leopard” one are already seen in the fall  collections of the stores. Moreover, the trend wants those prints in other versions but their originals. A lime zebra or a neon pink leopard can be some really good pieces in your closet. This new trend is the best way to show your will and at the same time your sweet side.

How to wear animal prints?
  • Scale animal prints to your size. Tighter prints like cheetah and leopard look great on most people. Larger scale prints like cow or giraffe have lots of white space in them and are more difficult to pull of.
  • Pair animal prints with neutrals (black, khaki, cream, white) or play off of equally bold colors (leopard with hot pink, zebra with lime).
  • If big pieces of print aren't for you try a coat with an animal-print lining or a print purse.
  • Remember that you'll be calling attention to wherever you put the animal prints, so make sure you're putting it on your best feature (no print pants on big bottoms or tight print tops on large busts).

What to do and what to avoid!
·      Show off your print! Be proud of your prints! Keep your fur sleek and shiny so everyone notices your fabulous stripes.
·      Try different color mixes! Let’s face it, leopard print in black and tan all the time gets boring. But pink leopard print? Now we’re talkin’.
·      Feel free to use accessories. Nothing says fierce like a sexy animal-print collar or leash. Extra points if the collar actually says fierce. If your top has an animal print then a metallic necklace will be perfect .
·      No mater what never ever mix the prints! Never match the snakeskin with a zebra stripe! Only if you feel really sure and secure about your choice you can try a mixture but do not overdo it.

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