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A girl's closet should have some pieces that can ''save'' her in some of the difficult ''fashion moments''such as an invitation to a party that the dress code is unknown or probably a date with an unknown destination.So,what should you wear?Wearing a dress can show off your femininity and also your silhouette,your feet,everything that you consider your strong point.The right dress with the right pair of shoes can do some miracles!

The Ball skirt dress:The trend that reminds the classical 50s piece,the well known ''full skirt'' is dominating also the 21st century!It comes with lots of designers which can provide your shoulders or your back.Either way,the propose of that dress is to highlight your waist,thus it can be mached with a big high-wasted belt to make it more stylish.

The white dress:One of the safest looks you can achieve by wearing one of the most comfortable clothes of that season.There are no words about the power of the classical white drees.Chose one with broderie prints or one with a more minimal line.If you find yourself too official,feel free to add a pair of green high-heels and some contemporary accessorises.

Cocktail dress:A strapless cocktail dress can be the best choice for a hang-out with anybody,weather it's your friends or your boyfriend or your sister.Mach it with a spectacular horse-tail and a pair of big earrings,and you 're ready to charm!

Indie maxi:With one word,simply gorgeous!What you should not forget is to find the colors and the patterns that mach your skin color.If you want to stand out,try to wear an eccentric pair of high-heels with neutral colors.

Party dress:It's that little dress that every girl should own in order to look always stylish and fashionable.Weather it's above the knee or in a longer line,it never loses its power to make you the diva of the party.For better results focus on its shelves.They should show off the best of you and of course the best of your body!

The black dress:The black and the white color is an all time classic ''must'' considering the dresses that a girl pics.It doesn't matter where you're going,just be sure to put a black drees with a straight line,a high-waisted belt and some accessorises depending the place you're going,and you will never ever be a ''fashion killer''.

The floral dress:The best choice for a summer hang out.Don't put too much accessorizes and pic a neutral color bag,and just leave the flower power to make you the star.The floral print guarantees you a strong and at the same time girly look.

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