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BE A 50s DIVA!

Do you miss the 50s even though you haven't lived in that gorgeous and most of all fashionable era?Have you ever dreamed of crossing those Californian roads on the early 50s by wearing the hottest trends that only a few could afford?Well,now more than ever, you can!

The clothing items that remind the 1950 ages are here, and probably,to stay!Everyone who wants to be dressed like the icons that built that fashion trend and had a very big influence such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Sandra Dee and Bridgette Bardot,should have on mind that this particular era was defined by conservatism and classiness.Moreover,we shouldn't forget that we are talking about the period following the Second World War,a time when people needed to stand out from their age,gener and the social group they belonged to.Apart from that,we have the development of styles like rock-and-roll which had an instantaneous effect on the fashion philosophy.

So,how to bring to your closet an air of the golden ages of the 50s?First of all,by wearing polka dots!Yes,polka dots can be one of the most characteristic prints of that time.
Dresses,skirts,heels and everything that is related to ''dots'' brings back on mind something from the 50s.An other element that you should not forget if you want to resemble like a 50s diva is your femininity.Wear clothes that bring out your body shape.If you have a thin waist show it off!If not, find your strong body area and show it off!It would be better if your clothes color is red or black.If you want to achieve a more contemporary look feel free to wear any color!

Considering the make-up,what you should definitely add is the all time classic red lipstick.And for the eyes,the ''cat eye'' look which you can archive with an eyeliner can turn you into a true diva!

Don't hesitate to add sunglasses and bracelets that will give a more contemporary note to your look!You don't have to be strucked with the whole idea,just get inspired by it!
I would recommend to curl your hair in order to have a wavy look,or you can try an up do.If you want to risk a little more try a fish brade!It will give a modern look and you will also show off your neck,which reflects the 50s philosophy of being feminine and classy!
As far as the shoes,I like to mix the 50s with the 00s.So,I would say that wearing a pair of green,pink or yellow high heels would be a really good combination with the whole polka style.

The 50s is definitely one of the most amazing and fashionable eras of the history.It's not a coincidence that on 1950s started the most successful fashion houses of Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy, and Pierre Balmain.To get dressed like a real 50s woman you don't need only the clothes but also the attitude of a 50s diva.And that's the most special feature about that period!

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