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Spring and summer of 2012 need the orange elements.From clothing items to accessorizes and nail polish the new hot fashion trend rules the orange color.It's not a very big surprise to see that color dominating the markets.Actually,orange was on the top 5 of the spring's and summer's best selling colors.But this season is kind of different!We can mostly see the neon orange than the casual and ordinary pale one.As you can see we're talking about a color that's easy and at the same time limited to match.

Here,I chose orange shorts,a white casual top to make the look softer,a denim jean jacket and green heels to add some tension to the bottom.It will be also nice to add some necklaces if the top is "empty",without any print as here.For hair,choose a fish braid or an up do.And don't forget...the sunglasses!

The best alternatives of this look would have been a simple black top or if you want to risk a little,a blue one(without the jacket).If you choose an orange top every other item you're wearing should be in tones of white,black,or denim jean.It will be also great if you wear a total black look with orange high-heels.And paint your nails orange or try some nail art with the orange color as a base!!!:)

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