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Never ever resort to nail biting, as it is extremely destructive for the nails as well as the cuticles.If you are in the habit of biting you nails,drop it as soon as possible.Here are some advices you can follow in order to stop this habit.

1.First of all you should understand that biting your nails has some really bad consequences.Nails become weak and it is much easier to break down.Having weak nails means that you have to be very careful if you don't want to end up loosing you nails.

2.This process needs your will and as soon as you drop this habit down I guarantee you will have strong,shiny and most of all healthy nails!

3.The first thing you can do is to paint you nails with nail polish.You know that eating nail polish is not that healthy,so why should you carry on?

4.If you don't mind eating nail polish,try and do a spectacular nail art design.I bet you would wish to destroy the art you've just made or the time you've wasted!

5.An other good solution is by wearing gloves.Yes,when your mind will automatically will drive you nail into your mouth the glove will protect it.

6.A good idea is to dip your nails in vinegar or in something that has bitter taste.And when you will start eating your nails you will stop because of the taste of vinegar!

7.Try to keep also your hands busy.A good solution is the anti-stress ball.

8.To make your nails grow healthier you should eat foods that contain calcium and magnesium.Thus,you should consume milk,yogurt,cheese,vegetables(especially the orange ones like carrots)and fruits.

The sooner you will start the quicker would the result be.Stop biting your nails and follow a good nutrition for faster results.

Who wants small,weak and bited nails,when he can have strong and healthy ones?

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