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Hey loves!! Weather has been cooling the last weeks and summer clothes belong to the past. But still, it's not winter, so what's better that colorful sweaters that don't remind us cold winter days, but give a happy touch?

We saw orange everywhere last year, and this season's color is not that different. I was checking Zaful, one of the stores with the latest trends available, and I noticed that earth tones are back in trend. Actually yellow sweatshirt is the new orange!

Yellow tones dominate, but that doesn't mean you can't combine them with white or black to give another dimension to your outfit. Embroidery flowers will still keep being in trend also this year and if you want to make a statement try wearing yellow velvet.

How do you feel about autumn?? What colors you prefer to wear during that season??

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  1. Amazing selection, so lovely items!
    Great selection, so lovely color!

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  2. Wonderful pieces, I love that color!

  3. Beautiful hoodies! :)

  4. Temperatures may fall, but that color will no doubt make this season more joyful. Have a great day.

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