Tech gadgets haul*

Hey loves!! Slightly different today's haul, yet something I always wanted to do. The well known company Banggood, contacted me again, and they were kind to send me some tech gadgets according to my needs.

Since I'm not a tech expert I went for the cutest one there.
What I got, and I am really satisfied with is this amazing colorful laptop keyboard cover, which let me tell you, fits perfectly and makes my laptop the cutest. Next I got this orange watch , which looks like a bracelet but also shows time and date, and lastly a USB stick with 16gb memory, that work as fine as another I have.

Have you checked their website?? Which one would you get for yourself??


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  1. Great post, I need an USB and this looks so cute! xx

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. These items are so cute! I love the keyboard cover!

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  4. Hi there! Which tech gadgets are the best in 2017 in your opinion?


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