Purple Maxi Dress*

Hey sweethearts! Purple June this month and what is more accurate than a purplemaxi dress? If you’re not into purple, no worries, cause a long sleeve navy blue dress would be perfect for you.

I got a message from a teenage viewer (hi there :*), where she asked me which color would I consider perfect for summer? Given the fact that she was interested in night outfit colors, I will say white, light blue and purple. That is what triggered me to start finding some dresses you might like.

Another hot seller I found on Rosegal was this butterfly maxidress. With fresh materials, it’s perfect for night walks on islands or parties by the beach.

Of course from the summer list we couldn’t forget the swimwear, even though I will make another post about that. You can check in the same website cause they have some interesting proposals for everyone of you!

What are your plans for summertime? Where are you going on vacation?


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