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Hello guys! I got a new cell phone a couple of months ago and it is so cool getting to explore all the new features and things your phone can do. But you know what is not cool? Viruses! Some of you may ignore the fact that mobile phones, as well as laptops, can get infected by viruses and not only. So, if you have a smart phone, you may be interested in this post.

My story is pretty simple. The relatively brand new phone I had, started acting in a strange way. The screen would stay on for forever if I didn’t switch it off (settings were set to 15’’ of auto-lock), and the whole experience was very slow like the phone was 5 years old. In the beginning, I thought that the phone may have a fabric malfunction, but after a research on the web, I realized it was all because of a virus.

And here is where solution comes. I am not an expert, a technician or anything but it seems logical, when there is a disease, you use a medicine to cure it in real life. Well, the same happens in “phones life”. The most appropriate anti-virus I found was the AVG one. You may have heard of them, since they are a very serious company through out the many years they operate. 

What to do? You go to the store and just download the cell phone antivirus app and you are set. You then run the program, you do a scan in all the files of the phone, and if there is a virus, a malware or anything unwanted, well, it is not going to be there anymore. After that, I assure you, your phone will feel brand new,

There is also a pro version with some amazing features like app lock, camera trap, app back up and many more!

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