Happy anniversary Zaful*

Hello dolls! As you may have noticed form the types of posts I make on my blog or from my social media accounts, I have changed the way I do my shopping. We have a saying in my city that says “all change for good” and I strongly believe that since I am fully benefited. As I was saying the last two years I buy my clothes exclusively from the Internet. I save time; money and I can have access at the latest trends whenever I want from the comfort of my home.

My currently favorite online shopping company is I am collaborating with them since the summer of 2016 and I had all that time to test myself their products. What I like about them is the quality they offer. Usually a lot of online stores would give you the cheapest fabrics in the price of a normal one. And you end up paying for something you don’t have.

That doesn’t happen with Zaful. Their products are really good on quality and price and they have nothing to envy from the clothes sold by the current biggest clothing industries. And my dear Zaful is celebrating its third anniversary! Of course with them, we can also benefit from their exclusive deals they offer for everyone, just to say thanks for the support and for those lovely three years they have been active on the global internet market.

First big news, free shipping for everyone! Normally customers who made orders under $30, they had to pay extra for their shipping. But as long as the anniversary goes on, shipping is totally free, no matter the purchase you make.

It is in their policy to offer the best they can make and that is stated from their fixed price zone. All factory direct and with no extra expenses like normal stores have, they have the cheapest stuff ready to serve.

One of Zaful’s biggest steps was the creation of It is our community and the place we can all communicate and share our thoughts, pictures and stories. Under the umbrella of this web spot they have some opportunities for all of us who like to show our clothes to each other.

For all of you who will visit their website, there will be a few tasks waiting during the anniversary. After completing some simple steps, you will have the chance to win some awesome gifts.

And for those of you who are still a bit skeptic about buying online, Zaful has come up with a great idea. The “what is worth to buy” zone. No need to further analyze this, it’s exactly what it says. A place full of buyers reviews to suggest you products worth to buy.

Oh and before I forget, check the lovely halter bikini set and the reversible bikini made by Zaful. Summer is around the corner and you want to be stylish and a pro even on the beach.

Happy anniversary Zaful and thank you for you amazing clothes!


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