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Hello sweeties! Today I have for you a different kind of post, not directly related to fashion, but to beauty, and specially the beauty of all women. Just take a moment and think, what is that ingredient that makes us naturally beautiful? It’s health. Think of it as a flower. In order for it to grow, it needs water to flow inside of every part of the flower. As soon as the flower is healthy on the inside, the beauty will bloom and its colors will be bright and shinny.

I am very happy to have been contacted by Check Pregnancy, a website not only focused on pregnancy as its name spoils, but also on parental issues and women’s health topics. So, no matter your status, if you are a woman you should check them out.

What I really like about this website is the section “Lady Questions”. In there, every girl can ask any question related to lady issues, she is afraid or ashamed to ask anyone else in real life. From getting to know her body to serious gynecological questions, every woman can interact and exchange opinions with other women who can relate.

Some of their top articles include pregnancy care, hygiene issues and also fertility information. I would like to point out here the top baby humidifier reviews , which I find an amazing job. A very detailed article you should definitely check if you want to know more about baby humidifiers.

So, as you may have noticed every woman can find herself in this website. Even more helpful would be for all those mothers and up-coming mothers, who feel totally clueless about what happens to them and to their little babies during and after a pregnancy. No matter who, give it a go and take a look, cause you never know what you may find in there.

Have you ever checked this or any other similar websites? How useful do you think it is to consult such websites for such issues?


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  1. This looks great, never been on these before. Happy week to you x


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