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Wishlist | Button up shirt dress and more*

Hey babes! Today I have a wishlist from my favorite, the one and only Zaful. The button up shirt dress and the casual mini dress are my highlights for this wishlist.

1. Button up shirt dress: I fell in love with that particular shirt dress. It looks so comfy because of the soft and light fabric it is made from. At the same time it gives a classy and chick air because of the design and the little bow detail on the waistline. Depending on how will you match it, it can be office, night or casual appropriate. On the website you can find also other designs, colors and fabrics.


2. Casual mini dress: Worn from Kylie Jenner to the girl next door, we can inevitably say that 2K17 is the year of the mini dress with the casual vibe. Spring appropriate; I would pear it with some high-knee boots and lots of rings. If you are more grunge, you can pick a mini dress with velvet touch and throw underneath a t-shirt for a fashion statement. Browse on the webpage and you will find your favorite one.

3. Cat-eye sunglasses: April is the month of Coachella, and festivals in general. So, if you plan on attending any open event, where the sun will be up, what you need the most is a pair of good sunglasses. With their unique design, you will steal a lot of looks from the people over there.


4. Hollow pumps: Of course no wishlist would have been fulfilled without a pair of shoes. I selected this pair of pumps on purpose since summer is coming. Perfect especially for your night outs. I adore the geometrical design on the sides and the holographic details. Truly unique.
5. Bikini swimwear: Just in case you maybe go on any exotic island or it’s so hot in the place you live, then you surely need a stunning swimwear. This year, Zaful is focusing a lot on swimsuits, so go and check their page for more inspiration. I would personally go with this burgundy bikini.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my wishlist. Any faves?


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