Hello to my amazing understooders! Today’s post is concerning not only the girls, but is also addressed to our beloved boys. Different from all the other posts I’ve ever published in this blog, the company that I want to introduce you this time is called Inflatable-Zone. Even though they are quite new in the industry, since they were first established in 2008, they have managed to be a leading company and share-issuing enterprise with both manufacture and marketing.

Inflatable-Zone specializes in big inflatable products, including Bubble Soccer or Bumper Ball, zorb ball or Loopy Balls call them whatever you may, water game toys like water roller, blob, and trampoline, inflatable slideand bouncer. In their well designed website you will find all those premising products that they offer and may other more.

What are the BubbleBalls?

It could be said that is probably our era’s next big trend. Technology and evolution have invaded our lives and we are more than pleased about that. So, what happens with leisure time? The answerer is simple. Bubble balls. The new way of having the time of our lives is here and has come to stay. Bubble ball becomes more interesting when users fall, battle, roll against each other and then bounce without any risk of injury to the users. Since the sport is very fun for both adults and children, Bubble soccer is fun for everyone. And what is the best, is that these activities can be done anywhere like in school, church, corporate events and of course in all sorts of parties, for some extra fun. You can select the type of Bubble Ball that suits best to you now.

Tumble track trampoline
Another great and innovative product that this company has to offer is without any doubt the tumble track trampoline. This inflatable gym air track is perfect for all those gymnastic institutions that may need new and revolutionary equipment for their use. Especially the little kids are going to love it, and also the adults I think. And what is good is that every product comes with a certificate so that you can be absolutely sure about it and also other benefits such as free logo printing and very probably free shipping.

 If you are a company or an institution that looks for this kid of equipment or you just what to make a change, I definitely recommend you to take a look at Inflatable-Zone.

Have you ever tried this kind of “games”?? If not, would you consider trying??


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  1. This is such a cool idea! I would definitely consider getting something from there. The bubble ball looks like so much fun! x


  2. Cool bubbleball:) Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Great post :)

  4. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  5. Great post and wonderful photos! I really like your blog!
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