Spring is officially here and that means that events are just around the corner. Even though weddings are probably the only events that happen all year long, it is a fact that during spring and summer time, they are on their highest demand.

For those of you who are getting married, and are still on the look for the wedding dress, the well-known Cocomelody has some proposals only for you!

What I purpose? Well, if you are a little more edgy than the other brides and you want to go with something different, you can try the short wedding dresses. If you have amazing legs, you have one more reason to choose one.

If you’re on the other side and you want to go with the traditional but also good-investment dress, Cocomeldy offers also designer wedding dresses. What is amazing with these dresses is that you get the designer one in an amazing deal. So, make sure you check them all, cause they have a sales campaigne this season.

What’s your favorite dress? Would you chose a classic one or try something new?


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