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Summer is finally here and we are all happy for it! Beaches, warmer night walks, sun, and a sign that vacation really close are just some of summer’s best aspects! Here I have for you my * Summer Guide *, things I like to have with me during summer days. So let’s get started!

  • ·      Sunscreen: Summer days are the warmest and the reason is the sun. So a sunscreen is a must in order to prevent skin problems, and stay hydrated at the same time. I’m using a travel size sunscreen with SPF 50.

  • ·      Concealer: Sun and brighter days may bring out flaws. Concealer will cover dark circles under eyes, redness and pretty much everything.

  • ·      Mascara: Because I will mostly wear my sunnies on summer days, my eyes won’t need an exaggerated make-up. Mascara will bring out the best of my eyes in just seconds.

  • ·      Lip balm: Probably one of those things that are a must in any season. Hydration and mainly lip hydration is what every girl seeks.

  • ·      Phone: Obviously. Not only for communication but also for capturing and sharing with my friends our best summer moments.

  • ·      Earphones: Music is a part of me no matter the season. Walks can get much more enjoyable with music.

  • ·      Sunnies: Ok I love the sun but it can get really annoying when it bothers you, and you can’t see what’s going on.

  • ·      Flannel: In case I am out till night, I will have to come across chilly moments. With a flannel I can stay warm and stylish.

  • ·      Wet wipes: Summer can get dirty at times. I am prepared for anything.

  • ·      Flavored water: Appropriate for any time of the day, water can keep me up. Hydration is a big issue during hot days, and what’s better that water? Flavored water of course. As easy as ABC. Fill a mason jar with water, and add any kind of fruits you want your water to be flavored with. Leave it for about an hour and take it with you!

  • ·      Popcorns: Hot days may reduce your need in food. And there are times when you need something really light to eat. Popcorns are the best for you then. I put a spoon of corn into the popcorn machine and in a minute they are ready. No salt, no butter, no oil. They taste delicious and they are super healthy that way.

Fashion: Here is my summer look! I went with a pair of short blue jeans with ripped details allover, a plain white top and a neon green bustier underneath. For shoes I'm wearing a pair of white converse. As for the accessories I am wearing a gray bag that can carry a lot of stuff, and colorful bracelets.

Share your photos with me at #missunderstoodstyle so that I can see and like them.
Take care and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!

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