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Level: Beginner
Time needed: 40 mins
Number of nail lacquers: 7

Hello everyone! Today I'm gonna show you a really quick yet impressive nail art tutorial that will make every one admire you and go crazy!! And it's so easy to make. The only thing you need be messy!! Oh yeah, so let's get started!!

1. Start by painting some of your nails pink and some of them a mint colour.
2. To make the flowers, take a dotting tool and create 3 pink dots, then take a lighter shade of pink and with a striper make some random semi-circles(2 or 3) on the existing dot. Take a purple polish and highlight wherever you want but without exaggerating. Make some leafs with a green nail polish and your done!
3. For the thumb take a doting tool and make some white dots and after some purple ones on the existing ones. 
4. For the last finger I took the mint and added a stripe to make a french design.
5. Leave the second finger pink, without a design.
6. Apply a top coat to protect your design.

Now you're ready to go, cute, simple, and floral! All you have to do is let the spring do the rest!!

If you try this design you can share it on Instagram at #missunderstoodstyle

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  1. that beautiful roses!! I follow the blog, you follow me you my ?? Kisses

  2. The beautiful roses, I like your nail :)

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  3. Love it !!

  4. Heii dear thanke you to post on my Sugarlove blog, i follow you right now, and i m very happy to follow each other. You have amazing blog,love it*


  5. Great post ! I love the colors !


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