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You go to the hairdresser and get the best possible hair dye! Your hair looks fantastic. So shinny, so healthy, so amazing. But, good things don’t last forever! If you just keep washing them the way you do, the color will last for two weeks approximately. I’m a red hair and it drives me crazy when the color fades out. To prevent this situation and to extend the color “life” follow carefully those tips!

1.If it is the first time you are dying your hair with this color it would have been better if you went to a professional, because on your own you may mess things up!

2. After coloring your hair, wait 24-48 hours to help lock it in further.

3.Sun protection! Sun is an enemy in that case, so be sure you are wearing a hat or in summer a hair sun protector.

4.Cold water. I know it’s hard but try to wash your hair with cold water. Warm water opens up the cuticle whereas cold water helps seal it. Especially, if you have red hair it will help prevent the color from slipping out.

5.There’s no need to mention that the shampoo you’re using must be color-safe. There are also shampoos with color depending on your hair color. For example if you are a red hair, like me, you can use a shampoo that has red colour.

6.Don’t forget the glaze! A glaze will keep your dye looking shiny and fresh in between colorings.

7.In case you want to dye next time your hair at home, be sure you are using a product that is professional. Recommendations are a good solution.

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